Infrared Thermometers
IR-H Series Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers
The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder.The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance.
The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available - a high functional type IR-HQH having combined functions of a 2 color type + single color wide range type, a single color medium temperature type - IR-HI and a single color high temperature type IR-HS.
Data logging software is available for easy data processing by a personal computer.
IR-H Series
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    High functional type [2-color type + single color wide range type] available.
    The InGaAs element is used to reduce influence of emissivity, high sensitivity and high accurate measurement.
    The digital display of measured value is displayed in the viewfinder and on the front panel.
    A target size of 20mm diameter can be measured at the distance of 4m.
    You can measure low temperature surface's and compensate emissivity by connecting a K-type surface thermocouple.
    Long-term measurement by a hand is made easy due to its small size (W148 x H100 x D 70mm) and lightweight (about 350g).
    Model Specification
    IR-HI Single-color type medium temperature
    IR-HS Single-color type high temperature
    IR-HQH High functional type (2-color type + single-color wide range type)
    IR-VXG1E Data logging software package
    Types Single-color
    For high temperature
    For high temperature
    High functional type
    [2-color type + single color wide range type]
    Measuring system Narrow band radiation thermometer
    Element InGaAs Si Si / InGaAs
    Wavelength 1.55 mm 0.9 mm 0.9/1.55 mm
    Temperature range 300 to 1000°C 600 to 2000°C 600 to 2000°C (2-color) /400 to 3000°C (single color) (key switching)
    Accuracy rating
    At ε=1.0,
    Ref. operation condition: 23°C±5°C,
    35 to 75%RH
    ±6°C Less than 1000°C: ±6°C
    1000 to 1500°C: ±0.6% of measured value
    1500 to 2000°C: ±1.2% of measured value
    More than 2000°C: ±2.4% of measured value
    Repeatability Within ±1°C
    EMC Stability 1. Temperature drift:0.2°C /°C
    2. ±3°C; ±50°C [(at the connection with code for RS-232C, AC adapter or thermocouple C510-0 (K)]
    1. Temperature drift::
    Less than 1000°C: 0.2°C /°C
    More than 1000°C: 0.02% of measured value /°C
    2. ±15°C; ±50°C [(at the connection with code for RS-232C, AC adapter or thermocouple C510-0 (K)]
    Resolution 1°C
    Response time 0.25 second (1.8 or 4 seconds: connecting with surface temperature sensor)
    Emissivity compensation 0.100 to 1.900 (0.001 increment)
    Math Maximum value, minimum value, average value
    Signal modulation Peak, delay
    Display LCD digital display 4-digit in viewfinder and on front panel
    Data storage Maximum 500 data
    Communications RS232C (Data logging software / IR-VXG1E, sold separately)
    Optics Fixed focus system
    Diameter/ Distance Φ20/4000mm (Refer to " Diameter/Distance ".)
    Finder Direct view finder
    Lens diameter Φ20mm
    Thermocouple input K thermocouple: -50 to 800°C
    Accuracy: ±2°C (at 23 ± 5°C)
    Other functions Automatic power-off, automatic back-light display, continuous measurement°C/°F selection, battery check, high/low alarms
    Working temperature 0 to 50°C
    Power AA battery 2 pieces (about 50 hours at continuous operation) or AC power adapter (sold separately)
    Case material/color Resin/gray
    Outside dimensions/ weight W148 x H100 x D70mm, about 350g (thermometer)
    PS Sheet IR-H Series PSE-377C Download
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