OEM Models
MJ Series Card Controllers for OEM
Special Instruments made for OEM use only.
OEM Instruments could be made with your Company Logo and Company Color.

New MJ Series Controller, with 48mm x 48mm (1.89 x 1.89 inches) and Thickness of only 9mm (0.35 inches) is ideal controller for Chemical, Electronics, Test System, Plastic and other Control Panel manufacture Appliance Manufacture.
MJ Series
MJ Series
TabView Example - Basic From Existing Markup
    Could be use as one of the parts.
    Could be Private label to include your Logo and Model Names.
    Various use as controller, display unit or Alarm unit.
    Ideal for various applications as
    - Test Equipments
    - Chemical and Physics Operation Equipment
    - Food Manufacturing Instruments
    - Control of Refrigeration units or Refrigerators
    - Control of Shipping Container, Refrigeration
    - Semi Conductor Instrumentation
    - Plastic Manufacturing instrument
    Model Specification
    LT11010000-00A Universal input/On-off pulse type
    LT11030000-00A Universal input/Current output type
    LT11050000-00A Universal input/SSR drive pulse type
    LT11110000-00A Thermocouple universal input/On-off pulse type
    LT11130000-00A Thermocouple universal input/Current output type
    LT11150000-00A Thermocouple universal input/SSR drive pulse type
    Input: Choose from K, T, PT100, mV or other
    Scanning Speed 0.5 sec.
    Control Output Open collector PID (PID Auto tuning)
    Output Open collector
    Alarm 2 alarms setting
    Display LCD, 4 digit
    Power 5V DC
    Connection Connector
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