New! - IM Series Infrared Multi Analyzer (IRMU Explosion-proof Type)
The IM Series, an on-line multi IR wavelength analyzer, now has new released lineups with Explosion-proof armored cast which conforms both UL and cUL(CSA), Class-1/Group C and D and Class-2/Group E, F and G. Available to all North and South American territory.
The IRMU series is an on-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing the infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness. Signal processing capabilities are built into the compact all-in-one detector unit for easy installation and operation. The IRMU series can be used in a hazardous atmosphere (Explosion proof area).
The detector can be used by itself or connected to a PC/plant control system, as both analog and digital outputs are provided.
IRMU Series
TabView Example - Basic From Existing Markup
    Explosion-proof type
    UL/cUL Listed
    Class-I, Group C & D / Class-II, Group E, F & G
    Up to 10 wavelengths, able to measure 4 constituents, moisture, film-thickness, organic properties, and coatingthickness in real time.
    Communicate with multi interface, RS-485 (MODBUS), Ethernet (LAN) (option).
    High-speed (28ms) & High-repeatability.
    Multi-calculation function.
    Self-diagnostic function, easy maintenance.
    Conforms to CE standards and IP-65.
    High-speed (28ms) & High-repeatability.
    Mirror Type
    Model Specification
    IRMU1100 Universal moisture
    IRMU1200 High moisture
    IRMU1300 Micro moisture
    IRMU51-- Multi-component (NIR)
    IRMU52-- Multi-component (Thin-film, Infrared)
    IRMU7100 Thickness, coating (NIR)
    IRMU7200 Thickness, coating (Thin-film, Infrared)
    Measuring system Infrared absorption type
    Measuring wavelength Up to 10 wavelengths
    Measuring scope Up to 4 constituents
    Source of light Tungsten lamp
    Measuring distance and measuring diameter ⬚30/200mm or ⬚50/300mm
    Output signal 1) Analog signal: 4 to 20mADC; ±0.2% of full scale (Load resistance: less than 500)
    2) Communications signal: RS-485 MODBUS (STD)
    3) Ethernet (LAN)
    Output renewal cycle 28ms
    Display & setting LED display shows the measurement data and setting value. Various parameters are settable by keypad.
    Computing function Ratio calculation for 2-color or 3-color, and multiple regression calculation.
    Calibration curve number up to 99 curves
    Calibration curve Linear, quadratic, cubic and multiple regression line.
    Calibration curve correction: Linear & quadratic
    Smoothing 0 to 99 seconds, optional setting
    Calibration By checking plate
    Setting detector number Use multi-head then set the detector number by keypad
    Setting channel number Set calibration curve number by keypad
    Self-diagnostic function Display and output alarm by digital communications and/or contact signal
    Input correction Corrects the measured data by external 4 to 20mA DC (1 input)(sample temperature correction, etc.)
    External Di/o Di(contact input), selectable from preset, data-hold, real/ smooth functions.
    Do(contact output), selectable from self-diagnostic function (1b) or upper/ lower limit alarm (1a).
    Ambient temperature range 0 to 50 °C (air cooling is necessary for higher than 45°C)
    Power supply 24V DC
    Power consumption Approx. 30VA
    Connection Terminals connection
    Casing Aluminum casing, drip-proof structure (conforming to IEC529, IP65)
    Weight Approx. 4.3kg
    Mounting Suspension the analyzer uses 4-M8 bolts.
    CE-marking specifications EN61326+A
    UL/cUL Listed Class-I, Group C & D / Class-II, Group E, F & G
    Analog output RS-485, Connectable with max.9 detector units
    Analog output 1) Analog signal: 4 to 20mADC; 2 output*
    (Load resistance: less than 500)
    * In the case of multi-head, output from No.1 and No.2 connected detectors.
    2) Communications signal: specified from RS-232C, RS-422A or RS-485.
    Output scaling By numeric key
    Output renewal cycle Communications output: 28ms ´ detector number
    Display 1) Measured data, LED 5-digit
    2) Head No., CH. No., parameter.
    Setting detector number Set detector head No.1 to No.9 by key
    Setting channel number Set calibration curve number by key
    Smoothing time T=0.1 to 99.9 seconds
    Calibration After output checking plate inserted, calibrate by key or external contact.
    Hold/preset Hold or preset the display and output by key or external contact.
    Calibration curve correction Corrects the calibration curve online or linear, quadratic correction.
    External setting Head number, CH. No., Calibration Hold, Preset.
    Alarm function Contact 1 output (HCL) outside of setting-range
    Self-diagnostic Contact 1 output
    Power supply 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
    Power consumption max. 15VA
    Working ambient temperature 0 to 50°C
    Casing ABS resin (IP65)
    Mounting Panel-mount type
    Weight Approx. 0.6kg
    Main Screen
    Displays measured data, trend and alarm value. Displays 4 constituents on one screen. Save data into specified folder, enable to search or read historical data.
    Create the Calibration Curve
    Creates the calibration curve for new sample, and transmits the calibration curve data to detector.
    PS Sheet IRMU series PSE-610 Download
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