Thyristor Regulators
JB Series Single-Phase Thyristor Regulators
The JB series small and lightweight thyristor regulators for single-phase loads are characterized with high panel installation density. 6-models from 10A rated current to 100A rated current are available. Two control systems, a phase-angle firing system and a zero-cross firing system, are built. JB Series
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    Compact and standalone, mounting space-saving, easy wiring.
    Phase-angle firing/zero-cross firing can be selected according to applications, power source environment, etc.
    Soft-start, soft-up/down and soft-start at power failure recovery for precise control0.
    Automatic frequency judgment function, ramp setting function and low limit setting function are built-in.
    Model Rated current
    JB-2020 20A
    JB-2030 30A
    JB-2040 40A
    JB-2050 50A
    JB-2075 75A
    JB-2100 100A
    Phase Single-phase
    Rated current 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100A (to be specified)
    Rated voltage 100Ω to 120VAC, 200 to 240VAC (selectable by terminals)
    Rated frequency 50/60Hz (automatic change)
    Input signal 4 to 20mADC, 1 to 5VDC or ON-OFF contact signal (selectable by terminals)
    Input resistance 100Ω (4 to 20mADC), 25 (1 to 5VDC)
    Output range 0 to 98% of rated voltage
    Minimum load current 0.5A (at 98% output)
    Applicable load Resistive load, inductive load (primary side control of transformer, flux density 1.2T or lower, phase-angle firing system only)
    Control system Phase-angle firing/zero-cross firing (selectable by internal dip switches)
    Output setting range Ramp setting (0 to 100%)
    Low limit setting (0 to 100%)
    Over-current protection Thyristor gate-off (120% or more of rated current, on built-in or external CT)
    Other functions Soft-start, soft-up/down (1 to 20 seconds), soft-start at power failure recovery
    Dimension H172 x W48 x D143mm (for 20A, 30A)
    H188 x W68 x D148mm (for 40A, 50A)
    H200 x W116 x D157mm (for 75A, 100A)
    Weight About 1.0kg for 20A and 30A, about 1.3kg for 40A and 50A, about 1.9kg for 75A and 100A
    PS Sheet JB series PSE-297 Download
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