Thyristor Regulators
JW Series Three Phase Thyristor Regulator
JW Series is compact lightweight three-phase control thyristor regulators enabling high-density instrumentation. The methods of control are divided into two ways, the phase control and zero-cross control. In the phase control systems, a type with the voltage, current and power feedback control types and a type without those feedbacks are available according to the characteristics of a heater used. JW Series are also capable of advanced three-phase control based on 6-arm control and fine control setting from the setting communication unit. Furthermore, remote control and data monitoring is available by connecting to a host unit. JW Series
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    Compact all-in-one configuration
    Flat and slim structure, high-density instrumentation is available. As they are using the same pitch of JT Series a replacement from an old version is easy.
    Setting communication unit is included
    Displaying measured values of real time power voltage, current, electric power and also settings of each parameter, switching operation are available. Each parameter enables fine control. Units including communication enable to set data monitor and each parameter via PC upper communication, RS-422 or RS-485.
    Disconnection alarm and current limit are included as a standard
    Heater disconnection alarm function and power current control function.
    Controllability is improved with 6-arm control
    6-arm control functions especially for transformer loading and the controllability was highly improved. 6-arm control is the best for improving controllability, unbalanced alarm function, reducing harmonic noise.
    Imbalanced alarm function equipped as standard
    The imbalance adjustment function used to adjust the imbalanced status is included. Balance control of three phase’s outputs value is also available. Imbalance alarm judges the imbalance ratio of the current.
    Various protective functions
    Thyristor elements are protected by gating off for over-current, melting of the rapid fuse for short-circuit and gating off for radiation fin over-heating. Phase-sequence abnormalities alarm and open-phase alarm, which are suitable for three phase control are included.
    Phase Three-phases
    Rated voltate 200V AC(200V/ 220V/ 240V selectable by switch)
    400V AC(380V/ 400V/ 440V selectable by switch) to be specified ( main circuit power supply and control circuit power supply are common)
    * The models which have a different main circuit power supply and a control circuit power supply are manufactureable.
    Rated current 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 500A, 750A, 1000A to be specified
    Rated frequency 50/60 Hz (automatic change)
    Allowable voltage fluctuation ±10% of rated voltage
    Allowable frequency fluctuation ±2Hz of rated frequency
    Control system Phase angle firing system and zero-crossing firing system
    Arms Specify 3 arms or 6 arms
    Feedback types Voltage, current, power feedback
    Control input signal 4 to 20mA DC( input resistance is approx. 100Ω)
    1 to 5V DC( input resistance is approx. 50kΩ)
    External setting input Volume signal (10kΩis recommended)
    External contact input External signal no-voltage contact or open collector
    (external contact capacity 1mA 5V DC or more)
    External CT input 0 to 5A AC of rated current
    Ramp 0 to 100 % of output range
    Elevation 0 to 100 % of output range
    Sot-start 1 to 20 seconds
    Current limit 0 to 100 % of output range
    Imbalance adjustment Imbalance of approx. 40 % output range can be adjusted
    Output range 0 to 98 % of supplied power voltage
    Output accuracy No-feedback … Within ±10% of rated voltage
    Voltage feedback … Within ±3% of rated voltage (Rated voltage is ±10%, at 1 to 10 times variation of load resistance)
    Current feedback … Within ±3% of rated current (Rated voltage is ±10%, at 1 to 10 times variation of load resistance)
    Power feedback …Within ±3% of rated voltage (Rated voltage is ±10%, at 1 to 3 times variation of load resistance)
    *Note: this is not including the accuracy in the rating from 10 to 90 % and CT error. (at reference operating condition)
    Applicable load Resistive load, inductive load, (Inductive load … phase-angle firing system, primary side control of transformer, and flux density 1.2 T or lower are recommended)
    Minimum load current 0.5 A or more( at 98% output of rated voltage)
    Alarm types Over-current alarm (alarm output AL1)
    Rapid fuse meltdown alarm (alarm output AL1)
    Radiation fin over heating alarm (alarm output AL1)
    Heater disconnection alarm (alarm output AL2)
    Thyristor elements abnormal alarm (alarm output AL2)
    Abnormal operation alarm, abnormal phase sequence alarm, Open-phase alarm Imbalance alarm (alarm output AL2)
    Frequency abnormality alarm
    Alarm contact output 2 points,(AL1, AL2)
    Alarm output Maximum load 240V AC 1A, 30V DC 1A
    Minimum load 5V DC 10mA or more Electricity life 100,000 times or more
    Contact protection elements not included (sold separately)
    Over current protection Melting of the rapid fuse for short-circuit 0% output at 120% of rated current (thyristor gate-off )
    With current limit function high limit output value is configurable
    External setting Ramp setting (AI1), elevation(AI2), Current limit(AI3)
    External contact Operational status(DI1 --- run/ stop)
    Control system (DI2 --- phase angle firing/zero-cross firing)
    Setting system (DI3 --- front display setting/external setting)
    Cooling system Natural air cooling for 75A or less of rated current Forced air cooling for 100A or more of rated current
    Working temperature -10 to 55 ºC
    In case of more than 40℃ it depends on the following derating performance.
    Working humidity 30 to 90 %RH, No dew-condensation
    Insulation resistance Between power supply terminal and protection conductor terminal 500V DC, 50MΩ or more
    Dielectric strength Between power supply terminal and protection conductor terminal
    2000V AC, 1 min(200V system)
    2500V AC, 1 min(400V system)
    Dielectric strength of cooling fan is 2000V AC
    Weight About 6kg for 10A and 20A
    About 8kg for 30A and 50A
    About 13kg for 75A and 100A
    About 22kg for 150A to 250A
    About 36kg for 300 to 500A
    Case Steel
    Color Gray
    Installation Installed to panel
    Working condition Reference operating condition
    - Ambient temperature 23℃±2℃
    - Ambient humidity 55%±5%RH
    - Power supply voltage rated voltage±1%
    - Power supply frequency rated supply frequency
    Normal operating condition
    - Ambient temperature -10 to 55℃
    - Ambient humidity 30 to 90%RH
    - Power supply voltage rated voltage±10%
    - Power supply frequency rated supply frequency ±2Hz
    PS Sheet JW series PSE-351 Download
    Instruction Manual JW series INE-361 Download
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