C060 Series Sheet Couples (Thermocouple)
The C060 series is thermocouples (Type T, Type K) in sheet form, with the measuring junction covered with insulating paper and is used for measurement of surface temperature. The sheet couple is pasted directly to the surface of object. C060 Series
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    Quick response
    No thermal disturbance
    Easy pasting or winding
    Models Elements
    C060-K Type K thermocouple
    C060-T Type T thermocouple
    Measuring range -200 to 300°C
    Class JIS 2, Class 0.75
    Size 7 x 7 x 35mm
    Extension wire Extension wire for Type K or Type T
    Φ0.32mm type K or T thermocouple wire
    Connection Spot welding (or soldering for use at low temperature)
    Mounting Pasting or pressing
    PS Sheet C060 Surface Temperature Sensors PSE-381 Download
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