NR Series Sheathed Resistance Thermometers
The NR series sheathed resistance thermometers are the high performance resistance thermometers with high sensitivity, solidity, and durability required in a general industrial sensor. The thermometer is constructed by densely filling the gap between a protective tube and a resistance thermometer element with magnesium oxide. The thermometer has excellent response. vibration resistance and impact resistance, and withstand long-term continuous operation in hot and unfavorable environment. NR Series
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    Quick response.
    Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Excellent vibration resistance and impact resistance.
    Easy-to-use terminal head.
    Element Pt100, JPt100, 3-wire type
    Class JIS A, B
    Measuring current 2mA, 1mA
    Measuring temperature -200 to 500°C
    Protective tube material SUS316
    Protective tube outer diameter Φ3.2mm, Φ4.8mm, Φ6.4mm, Φ8.0mm
    Protective tube length 300 to 2000mm
    Top shape Closed type
    Bending radius More than 2 to 3 times of protective tube outer diameter (R >= 2D to 3D)
    Disable bending part 100mm from top
    Mounting metal Impossible to mount metal within 70mm from top
    Insulation material High purity magnesium oxide (MgO)
    2-element type protective tube diameter (Element diameter) Φ3.2mm, Φ4.8mm, Φ6.4mm, Φ8.0mm
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