NC Series Solidpak Thermocouples
The NC series solidpak thermocouples are the high performance thermocouples that feature high sensitivity, solidity, and durability required in a general industrial sensor. The gap between a protective tube and a thermocouple wire is densely filled with magnesium oxide. The thick protective tube provides excellent response along with vibration resistance and impact resistance. In addition, it allows the thermocouple to withstand long-term continuous operation in hot and unfavorable environment. NC Series
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    Quick response.
    Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Excellent vibration resistance and impact resistance.
    Easy-to-use terminal head.
    Element Type Kthermocouple
    Class JIS 1 (class 0.4),JIS 2 (class 0.75)
    Protective tubematerial SUS304, SUS316,SUS310S, SUH446 (Sandvik P4), 253MA
    Protective tubeouter diameter
    (Element diameter)
    Φ1.0mm), Φ15mm (Φ1.6mm), Φ22mm (Φ3.2 mm)
    Protective tubelength Up to 2000 mm
    Top shape Closednon-grounding type
    Insulationmaterial High puritymagnesium oxide (MgO)
    2-element typeprotective tube diameter (Element diameter) Φ10mm
    Normal working limit
    Thermocouple Protective tube materials Outer diameter
    Φ10mm Φ15mm Φ22mm
    K SUS304 -- 1000°C 1000°C
    SUS316 900°C 1000°C 1000°C
    SUS310S 1150°C 1150°C 1200°C
    SUH446 -- -- 1200°C
    Sandvik 253MA -- -- 1200°C
    Response time (From 0°C to 100°C boiling water)
    Protective tube materials Response time
    63.2% 90%
    Φ10mm 8 seconds 17 seconds
    Φ15mm 11 seconds 21 seconds
    Φ22mm 16 seconds 32 seconds


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