Infrared Thermometers
IR-AH Series Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers
The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers have features of a wide measuring range from -50°C to 3000°C, digital displays of the measured value in the finder and on the panel board, and storing function of the measured data. An RS-232C port is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer. With a Data Logging Software (sold separately) , you can analysis and manage the measured data. IR-AH Series
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    Data storage
    Maximum 1000 data can be stored. The data stored are readable on the display with index numbers for easy classification of data.
    Easy-to-read internal and external digital display
    A measured value is digitally displayed in the finder and on the panel board.
    RS-232C port
    The communications interface port (RS-232C) is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer.
    Signal modulation
    Measurement modes of real value (real) maximum value (peak), average value (delay) and minimum value (valley) are selectable for measuring purposes.
    Data logging software
    The data logging software is separately prepared for the analysis and management of the measured data.
    Analog output (option)
    The analog output of 0 to 1VDC is offered at an optional specification. By using an AC power adapter (option), the continuous measurement enabled.
    Other functions
    Various functions including high/low alarms, °C/°F selection, auto-power-off, battery check and user's calibration (zero/span) are available.
    All models are complying with CE.
    Model Specification
    IR-AHS For medium/high temperature (Distance Factor 100)
    IR-AHU For high temperature (Distance Factor 250)
    IR-AHT For low temperature (Distance Factor 40)
    Models For medium/ high temp.
    For high temp.
    For low temp.
    Measuring systems Narrow band radiation thermometer Wide band radiation thermometer
    Temperature ranges 600 to 3000°C 900 to 3000°C -50 to 1000°C
    Detectors Silicon Thermopile
    Spectral ranges 0.96µm 0.65µm 8 to 13µm
    Accuracy ratings Lower than 1500°C: ±0.5% of reading ±1 digit< 1500 to 2000°C: ±1% of reading ±1 digit More than 2000°C: ±2% of reading ±1 digit Lower than 200°C: ±2°C ±1 digit More than 200°C: ±1% of reading ±1 digit
    Repeatability 1°C±1 digit
    Temperature drifts 0.015% of reading/°C Lower than 300°C: 0.15°C/°C 300 to 700°C: 0.05 of reading/°C More than 700°C: 0.025% of reading/°C
    Resolutions 1°C 1°C (more than 50°C)
    Response time 0.5 second 1 second
    Optical systems Focusable lens type Cassegrain forcusable mirror type
    Distance factors Measuring distance (L)/measuring diameter (D) 100 250 40
    Measuring distance 0.5m to∞ 0.7m to ∞
    Target sizes Measuring distance/100(Φ, mm) Measuring distance/250(Φ, mm) Measuring distance/40(Φ, mm)
    Collimation Direct viewing finder
    Lens diameters Φ30mm Φ40mm
    Display LCD 4 digits display (in the finder and on the panel board)
    Data storing function Up to 1000 data
    Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 (0.01 step)
    Signal modulation Real, Peak, Delay, Valley, Signal modulation ratio: 0 to 99 seconds, Peak hold, Valley hold, Hold after the measuring switch us turned off
    Communications function RS-232C (Data logging software: Sold separately)
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
    Power supply Alkali AA (UM-3) battery 4 pieces (about 20 hours on continuous operation)
    Casing material ABS resin
    Weights About 700g
    CE EN61326+A1, Emission: Class B Immunity: Table 1 - minimum immunity requirement
    PS Sheet IR-AH PSE-374D Download
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