Infrared Thermometers
IR-FA Series Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer
The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in. Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available. IR-FA Series
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    Low temperature type with high-speed response (10ms) and short wavelength enables to measure objects with low emissivity like as metals.
    Medium/high temperature type with high accuracy (±0.5 to 1% for 1000 to 2000°C) and high-speed response (10ms) is for various temperature measurement fields.
    Two-color type is stable with less effectiveness of smoke, vapor, dust and lack-of-view.
    Digital temperature display and settings of parameters by key operation.
    Small and lightweight (90 x 90 x 60mm, about 250g), DIN-rail installation.
    Temperature measurement of inductive heating object, measurement in explosion-proof environment, measurement in vacuum equipment and other measurement are possible.
    By using heat-resistive fiber optic, measurement the environment at 150°C is possible without any water-cooling.
    By signal modulation function, the stable temperature measurement is possible.
    Laser function for easy spotting of measuring point (option).
    A lens assembly with finder for spotting of measuring point with eyes is available from accessories.
    By the communications interface (RS-485), the data logging and parameters setting are enabled from a personal computer.
    Emissivity setting (emissivity ratio for two-color type) by analog input or automatic emissivity computation function is selectable. (option)
    CE conformance
    IR-FAC☐☐ Cooling type PbS
    IR-FAI☐☐☐ InGaAs
    IR-FAS☐☐☐ Si
    IR-FAQH☐☐ Hybrid element
    Lens assembly - Core diameter 400µm
    IR-FL0☐☐☐ Φ1mm at 100mm
    IR-FL1☐☐☐ Φ12mm at 1000mm
    IR-FL2☐☐☐ Φ5mm at 500mm
    IR-FL3☐☐ Φ2mm at 200mm
    IR-FL4☐☐ Φ4mm at 200mm
    IR-FL5☐☐ Φ5mm at 150mm
    IR-FL6☐☐ Φ20mm at 600mm
    IR-FL8☐☐ Φ8mm at 1000mm
    Lens assembly - Core diameter 800µm (for low temperature)
    IR-FL5☐☐☐ Φ10mm at 150mm
    IR-FL6☐☐☐ Φ40mm at 600mm
    IR-FL7☐☐☐ Φ13mm at 200mm
    Power unit
    IR-ZFEP Power unit
    Standard Ranges
    IR-FL7☐ (core dia 800µm)
    70 to 250°C Cooling type PbS Single-color
    100 to 300°C
    IR-FL4☐ (core dia 400µm)
    250 to 800°C
    IR-FL6☐ (core dia 400µm)
    150 to 500°C
    250 to 800°C
    150 to 450°C InGaAs
    200 to 700°C
    250 to 1000°C
    300 to 1300°C
    250 to 1000°C
    300 to 1300°C
    350 to 1600°C
    400 to 900°C Si
    500 to 1200°C
    600 to 1800°C
    700 to 2400°C
    600 to 1800°C
    700 to 2400°C
    800 to 3000°C
    500 to 1000°C Hybrid element 2-color type
    600 to 1500°C
    700 to 2000°C
    1000 to 2400°C
    600 to 1500°C
    700 to 2000°C
    800 to 2400°C
    1000 to 3000°C
    Measuring system Single color type Two- color type
    Element PbS (cooling type) InGaAs Si Hybrid Element
    Wavelength 2.0µm 1.55µm 0.9µm 0.9 / 1.55µm
    Accuracy ratings 70°C to 300°C: ±4°C
    300°C to 500°C: ±5°C
    Higher than 500°C: ±1.0 % of measured value
    Lower than 1000°C: ±5°C
    1000°C to 1500°C: ±0.5% of measured value
    1000°C to 1500°C: ±0.5% of measured value
    1500°C to 2000°C: ±1.0% of measured value
    Higher than 2000°C: ±2% of measured value
    Repeatability Within 2°C 0.2°C      
    Temperature drift 0.2°C/°C 0.1°C/°C or 0.015% of measured value, whichever is larger 0.2°C/°C or 0.02% of measured value, whichever is larger
    Resolution 70°C to 100°C: About 3°C
    100°C to 200°C: About 3°C
    Higher than 200°C: About 0.5°C
    0.5°C 1.0°C
    Response time 0.01 second 0.04 second
    Emissivity (ratio) compensation 1.999 to 0.050 (*1) Emissivity: 1.999 to 0.050 Emissivity ratio: 1.999 to 0.050
    Signal modulation DELAY: Tracing of average value (smoothing) (Modulation ratio: 0.0 to 99.9 seconds, 0.1 second increment) Modulation ratio 0 = REAL
    PEAK: Tracing of maximum value ( Modulation ratio: 0, 2, 5, 10°C/second ), Modulation ratio 0 = PEAK HOLD
    Display LCD 4-digit (Temperature display, parameter display), °C/°F (key selection)
    Analog output 4 to 20mADC isolated output (load resistance: 500Ω or lower)
    Accuracy rating: ±0.2% of output range
    Output resolution: 0.01% of output range
    Output scaling: Setting within measuring temperature range
    Dummy output: Setting within 0 to 100% of analog output
    Contact output 2-point selectable from high/low, high/high, low/low alarm or error signal
    Photo-coupler 30VDCMax. 50mA
    1-point, High (low) alarm or error signal, Photo-coupler 30VDCMaximum 50mA
    Contact input 1-point, peak hold reset or sample hold, Dry contact or open collector
    Parameter setting by keys Operator mode: Settings of emissivity, signal modulation, alarms, etc.
    Engineering mode: Settings of engineering unit (°C/°F), output scaling, zero, span, reference temperature input for automatic emissivity calculation, output correction, etc., Settings of optional functions
    Operator mode: Settings of emissivity ratio, signal modulation, alarms, etc.
    Engineering mode: Settings of engineering unit (°C/°F), output scaling, zero, span, reference temperature input for automatic emissivity ratio calculation, output correction, etc., Settings of optional functions
    Computing function Zero/span adjustment, automatic emissivity (ratio) computation (*2), Output correction
    Self-diagnosis Thermometer temperature abnormal, Parameter error
    Options Laser function: Solid state built-in laser unit, 1mW (645nm) or less, Class 2 (not available in high sensitivity type)
    Analog input: Input signal: 4 to 20mADC
    Remote setting of emissivity (ratio) or reference temperature input setting for automatic emissivity (ratio) computation
    Communications IF: RS-485, Transmitting of measured data (down to 1 decimal point), Transmitting/receiving of parameters
    Working temperature 5 to 40°C 0 to 50°C
    Rated power supply 24VDC (Allowable voltage fluctuation range: 22 to 28VDC), Recommended power unit: IR-ZFEP
    Power consumption Maximum 15VA Maximum 3VA
    Connection Cramp type no screw terminals
    Mounting DIN rail mounting or wall mounting
    Case material Steel Resin
    Outside Dimensions, Weight W140 x H110 x D65mm About 1.0kg W90 x H90 x D60mm. About 250g
    CE EN61326 + A1
    Emission: Class A
    Immunity: Table A.1
    Stability under EMC test environment ±10°C ±10°C or ±1% of measuring range, whichever is larger
    Condition of CE conformance See Note *3.  
    *1: The effective compensation range is e = 1.0 to 0.8 for the measured temperature of 70 to 80°C and ε = 1.0 to 0.6 for 80 to 90°C.
    *2: The emissivity (ratio) is automatically computed by inputting the reference input temperature with key setting or analog input (option).
    *3: Condition of CE conformance for IR-FAC
    (1) The connection cable is up to 30m.
    (2) An individual DC power unit for thermometer is required. (Recommended power unit: IR-ZFEP)
    (3) All of the thermometer, the connection cable, and a DC power unit should be used indoors.
    Fiber optics
      Core 400µm Core 800µm (IR-FAC)
    Fiber optics Single core quartz
    Sheath Without metallic protective tube (Heat resistive sheath/glass wool braid)With metallic protective tube (Heat resistive sheath/glass wool braid + SUS flexible tube)
    Working temp. 0-150°C 0-50°C at measured value of 70-120°C 0-80°C at measured value of 120°C or higher
    Length 4m (standard) for IR-FAC (max.5m) Specify 2-50m for IR-FAI, S or QH 2m
    Allowable bending R100mm R150mm
    PS Sheet IR-FA Series PSE-378F Download
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