Infrared Thermometers
IR-BZ Series Compact Infrared Thermometer
IR-BZ has separated detector and main unit to make the detector smaller and can be used at high temperature condition. Main unit has digital temperature displays and parameter setting function. Enables long stable measurement at affordable price. IR-BZ
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    High accuracy and stable measurement even the environment temperature changes.
    High speed response time 15ms, corresponds to production line requiring quick tracking.
    Wide range temperature range from low to high temperature ( 0 to 1000 ºC)
    Temperature range -0 to 1000℃
    Detecting element Thermopile
    Measuring wavelength 8 to 14μm
    Accuracy ratings Accuracy rating *1
    Below 20 ºC : ±2 ºC
    20 ºC to below 100 ºC : ±1 ºC
    100 ºC or above : ±1% of measuring value
    Response time 15ms
    Emissivity adjustment 1.999 to 0.100
    Measuring diameter φ8mm/200mm
    Working temperature Detector: -20 to 100 ºC
    Main unit: -10 to 65 ºC
    Analog output Output 1: Measured temp. value (select below by main unit)
    Current output 0 to 20mA DC/ 4 to 20mA DC
    T/C output J/K/R/S
    Output 2: Detector temp. 0 to 5 V/ -20 to 180 ºC
    Contact input/output Contact input: 1 point, sample hold/reset
    Contact output: 1 point, high/low alarm,
    self-diagnosis (open collector)
    Serial communication RS485 (MODBUS)
    Power supply 8 to 36V DC
    Detector cable Length 1.5m/3m/8m/15 (wire part) *2
    OD: φ3.3mm
    Covering: Fluorine resin
    CE Marking EMC directive --- EN61326-1 Class A
    (except IR-BZPHGN8, IR-BZPHGNF)
    Conformity requirements
    --- Use of power supply for IR-BZ exclusive
    use and the connecting cable up to 30m
    (indoor use).
    *1 Based on reference operation condition 23 ºC ±5 ºC, ε≒1.0, factory default inspection result.
    *2 Please specify the detector cable length. Detector cable cannot be removed

    IR-BZ Configuration

    IR-BZ Applications

    PS Sheet IR-BZ Series PSE-614B Download
    Instruction Manual General INE-559-P0 Download
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