Temperature Traceability
C800 Series Standard Thermocouples
The C800 series is standard thermocouples for calibration of thermocouples. Three types of S type thermocouple, R type thermocouple, and B type thermocouple are available. The temperature-thermal EMF table is prepared on request. C800 Series Standard Thermocouples
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    Model Specification
    C800-15 S type standard thermocouple
    C800-35 R type standard thermocouple
    C800-65 B type standard thermocouple
    Model C800-15 C800-15 C800-15
    Element S type thermocouple R type thermocouple B type thermocouple
    Element diameter 0.5mm
    Element length 1500mm
    Measuring range Maximum temperature 1100°C Maximum temperature 1554°C
    Protection tube Corundum recrystallized aluminum 6mm x 600mm
    PS Sheet R800/C800 Series PSE-253C Download
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