Temperature Traceability
KT-H503, KT-H504 Small Type Low Temperature Comparative Calibration Equipment
Realize low temperature calibration at -100ºC and compact & light weight body. For on-site calibration of resistance thermometer and thermocouple! KT-H503, KT-H504
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    Calibration from -100 to 155ºC
    Calibration from -100 to 50ºC by Stirling cooler and calibration from -30 to 155ºC by Peltier device is available.
    Reduce the heating/cooling time
    KT-H503 (-100 to 50ºC type) : 23ºC to -100ºC at about 40min.
    KT-H504 (-30 to 155ºC type) : -30ºC to 155ºC at about 20min.
    Excellent temperature stability and temperature distribution
    KT-H503 (-100 to 50ºC type) : ±0.03ºC per 30min.
    KT-H504 (-30 to 155ºC type) : ±0.01ºC per 30min.
    Within 0.1ºC (40mm from the bottom), within 0.01ºC (between wells).
    Simple temperature setting
    Select 8 preset temperature points by simple selecting button.
    Calibration test report (option)
    CHINO calibration test report available.
    Model KT-H503 KT-H504
    Calibration Temperature Range -100 to 50ºC -30 to 155ºC* (Ambient temperature:23ºC)
    Heating/Cooling Time About 40min. (23 to -100ºC)
    About 40min. (-100 to 50ºC)
    About 30min. (23 to -30ºC)
    About 20min. (-30 to 155ºC)
    About 15min. (155 to 23ºC)
    Stabilization Time 10min. (Stability time after reached to setting temperature.)
    Stability ±0.03ºC (30min.) ±0.01ºC (30min.)
    Temperature Distribution Within 0.1ºC (40mm from the bottom), Within 0.01ºC (between wells)
    Temperature Control Method Heating and cooling decoupling control, Z control
    Block Replaceable: select from 8 block types, custom type available
    Temperature Sensor Length Over 205mm Over 195mm
    Display Resolution 0.1ºC/0.01ºC
    Communication Interface RS232C
    Power Supply 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz 100 to 120/200 to 240V AC (Select 50/60Hz)
    Maximum Power Consumption 150V AC (at 100V AC)
    270V AC (at 240V AC)
    350V AC (at 100V AC)
    450V AC (at 240V AC)
    Weight About 12kg About 7.0kg
    Cooling time and stabilization time
    Cooling time and stabilization time
    Stabilization at -100ºC
    Stabilization at -100ºC
    Temperature Distribution (vertical direction)
    Temperature Distribution (vertical direction)
    Block is replaceable so can be exchanged depending on the temperature sensor to calibrate. Custom type is available.

    Symbol Outside diameter of standard sensor Measuring well and numbers
    01 Ø7.2mm Ø7.6mmx1, Ø6.6mmx1, Ø5.0mmx1, Ø3.4mmx1
    02 Ø3.2/Ø4.8mm Ø5.0mmx2, Ø3.4mmx4
    03 Ø4.8mm Ø5.0mmx1, Ø3.4mmx6
    04 Ø4.8mm Ø5.0mmx1, Ø3.4mmx4, Ø2.0mmx4
    05 Ø4.8mm Ø5.0mmx1, Ø2.0mmx8
    06 Ø3.2mm Ø3.4mmx1, Ø2.0mmx12
    07 Ø3.2mm Ø3.4mmx7
    08 - Ø17mmx1
    Unit: mm
    Unit: mm
    PS Sheet KT-H503, KT-H504 PSE-707 Download
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