Temperature Traceability
IR-RST Series Standard Radiation Thermometers
The IR-RST series is single-color radiation thermometers that are used as the standard unit for comparison calibration of radiation thermometers by using comparison blackbody furnaces. IR-RST Series Standard Radiation Thermometers
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    2 kinds of measuring wavelength of 0.65µm and 0.90µm are available.
    With an official certificate (JCSS calibration certificate)
    Model Measuring wavelength
    IR-RST-65 0.65µm
    IR-RST-90W 0.90µm
    Model IR-RST-65 IR-RST-90W
    Measuring system Narrow-wavelength band radiation thermometer
    Detector Silicon cell
    Measuring wavelength 0.65µm(Half value in width 18nm) 0.90µm(Half value in width 75nm)
    Measuring range 900 to 1500°C 400 to 2000°C (3-range switching)
    Resolution Within 0.1K(at 900°C) 10mK(at fixed point temperature of aluminum)
    Long term stability Within ± 0.2K/year
    Distance factor 400 120
    Calibration test Calibration certificate with JCSS logo
    Response time About 1 second(63% indication) Less than 1 second(63% indication)
    Measuring distance 36cm
    Collimation Direct viewfinder
    Operating temperature range 25°C ± 5°C
    Output About 0 to 10V (with zero adjusting knob)
    Inside temperature output -- 0.1V/°C
    Power supply 100VAC, 50/60Hz
    Allowable voltage fluctuation ± 5% of rated value ± 10% of rated value
    Connection Terminal connection Connector connection
    Case Aluminum case, sealed construction
    Weight About 2.8kg About 3kg
    Mounting On tripod or universal head
    PS Sheet IR-RST PSE-600 Download
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