Temperature Traceability
IR-R24, IR-R26, IR-R27 NRLM Type Comparison Blackbody Furnaces
NRLM type comparison blackbody furnaces, which have been jointly developed with the National Research Laboratory of Metrology, are large opening blackbody furnaces for calibration of radiation thermometers, and a high temperature comparison blackbody furnace uses a standard radiation thermometer for comparison calibration.NRLM Type Comparison Blackbody Furnace. IR-R24, IR-R26, IR-R27
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    The cavity is profiled as a double cone and the high emissivity is realized with a large opening.
    For low temperature, a platinum resistance thermometer (sold separately) is used as a standard thermometer.
    For medium temperature, a 0.9µm standard radiation thermometer (sold separately) is used for comparison calibration.
    Long-term stability.
    Model Type
    IR-R24 NRLM type comparison blackbody furnace for low temperature
    IR-R26 NRLM type comparison blackbody furnace for medium temperature
    IR-R27 High temperature comparison blackbody furnace
    Model NRLM type comparison blackbody furnace High temperature comparison blackbody furnace
    For low temperature
    For medium temperature
    Temperature range 50 to 450°C 200 to 1050°C 800 to 1450°C
    Maximum temperature 500°C 1100°C 1500°C
    Maximum temperature rising time About 2 hours About 4 hours About 2 hours
    Cavity opening diameter 60mm 50mm 30mm
    Cavity emissivity 0.993 0.997 0.99
    Cavity section shape Double cone type Cylindrical cone type
    Temperature stability ± 0.15K/30 minutes ± 0.25K/30 minutes ± 0.5K/30 minutes
    Power supply 100VAC, Single phase 200VAC, Single phase
    Power consumption Maximum 500VA Maximum 1200VA Maximum 2500VA
    Weight About 30kg About 32kg About 36kg
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