Temperature Traceability
IR-R0 Series Practical Use Type Blackbody Furnaces
The IR-R0 series is practical use type blackbody furnaces that are used as the standard unit for comparison calibration of radiation thermometers. IR-R0 Series Practical Use Type Blackbody Furnaces
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    High performance, repeatability of freezing point: within ±0.1°C, accuracy: ±0.3°C
    Small, lightweight and easy-to-use.
    Model Fixed point metals
    IR-R0-Zn Zinc
    IR-R0-Al Aluminum
    IR-R0-Ag Silver
    IR-R0-Cu Copper
    Fixed point temperature Zinc: 419.527°C
    Aluminum: 660.323°C
    Silver: 961.78°C
    Copper: 1084.62°C
    Fixed point crucible Material: High purity black lead, Capacity: 25cm3
    Cavity section 10 x 50mm (with iris 6mm)
    Repeatability of freezing point Within ±0.1°C
    Accuracy rating Within ±0.3°C
    Cavity emissivity More than 0.999
    Power supply 100VAC
    Power consumption Maximum 800VA
    Temperature rising time About 2 hours to copper point
    Fixed point realization time About 8 minutes
    Overheat protection High alarm and disconnection of load
    Weight About 13kg
    Purge Argon gas, Flow rate: 0.2 to 0.3l/minute, With flow meter
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