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AH4000 Series Hybrid Memory Recorders
Chart Paper + Memory Card
AH4000 series is a hybrid recorder which employs bright and clear, easy to view LCD display.
Measuring value display is prepared as 1 point display, multi-points simultaneous display and digital display + bar graph display. Various measuring and recording settings can be easily done by front key switch and confirmed by LCD digital display.
Equipped with SD card (sold separately) and it can record data, read and write setting value.
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    Corresponds to SD card
    Equipped with SD card (sold separately) and it can record data, read and write setting value.
    Full multi range
    Equipped with DC voltage 10 kinds, T/C 36 kinds, RTD 12 kinds, in total 58 kinds. Easily set the range per channels.
    Easy data management by communication interface
    Provided with USB port and connect with PC directly. RS232C, RS422A, RS485 and Ethernet communication interface is optionally prepared. When Ethernet is selected, settings from the web and E-mail alarm notification are added.
    Package Software
    By Data acquisition software, the use of application expands from recording/management to information processing.
    Data analysis software can replay display, wave process, editing and trend display.
    Parameter setting software can manage the setting information on PC.
    Standard alarm display/ Printing function
    Set 4 types of alarm per each input points. When alarm occurs, status display "ALM" flashes and measuring value flashes at LCD operation screen.
    Chart end detection function available
    Can set the alarm operation when chart end is detected.
    Various programming function
    Process the measured data by programming setting and displayed/recorded data of each channels are shown as programmed result data.
    AH4000 Multipoint Model
    Input type Measuring range Reference range Accuracy ratings Display resolution
    DC Voltage mV -13.8 to 13.8mV ±13.8mV ±0.1%
    -27.6 to 27.6mV ±27.6mV 10μV
    -69.0 to 69.0mV ±69.0mV 10μV
    -200 to 200mV ±200mV 100μV
    -500 to 500mV ±500mV 100μV
    V -1 to 1V ± 1V 10mV
    -5 to 5V ± 5V 10mV
    -10 to 10V ± 10V 10mV
    -20 to 20V ± 20V 10mV
    -50 to 50V ± 50V 10mV
    Thermocouple K -200 to 300ºC ±13.8mV ±0.1%
    -200 to 600ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 1370ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    E -200 to 200ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 350ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 900ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    J -200 to 250ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 500ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 1200ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    T -200 to 250ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 400ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    R 0 to 1200ºC ±13.8mV 1ºC
    0 to 1760ºC ±27.6mV 1ºC
    S 0 to 1300ºC ±13.8mV 1ºC
    0 to 1760ºC ±27.6mV 1ºC
    B 0 to 1820ºC ±13.8mV 1ºC
    N -200 to 400ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 750ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 1300ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    U -200 to 250ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 500ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 600ºC ±69.0mV 0.1ºC
    L -200 to 250ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 500ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    -200 to 900ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    W-WRe26 0 to 2315ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    WRe5-WRe26 0 to 2315ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    NiMo-Ni 0 to 290ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    0 to 600ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    0 to 1310ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    Platinel II 0 to 350ºC ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    0 to 650ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    0 to 1390ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    PtRh40-PtRh20 0 to 1880ºC ±13.8mV ±0.2%
    CR-AuFe 0 to 280 K ±6.9mV 0.1K
    Au/Pt 0 to 1000ºC ±27.6mV 0.1ºC
    RTD Pt100 -140 to 150ºC 160Ω ±0.1%
    -200 to 300ºC 220Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 649ºC 340Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 850ºC 400Ω 0.1ºC
    Old Pt100 -140 to 150ºC 160Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 300ºC 220Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 649ºC 340Ω 0.1ºC
    JPt100 -140 to 150ºC 160Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 300ºC 220Ω 0.1ºC
    -200 to 649ºC 340Ω 0.1ºC
    Pt50 -200 to 649ºC 220Ω 0.1ºC
    Pt-Co 4 to 374K 220Ω ±0.15%
    Measuring points 6, 12, 24
      DC voltage: ±13.8mV, ±27.6mV, ±69.0mV, ±200mV, ±500mV, ±2V,±5V, ±10V, ±50V, ±50V
    DC current: Max 50mA by external shunt resistor (100Ω, 250Ω) (sold separately)
    Thermocouples: K, E, J, T, R, S, B, N, U, L, W-WRe26, WRe5-WRe26, PtRh40-PtRh20, NiMo-Ni, CR-AuFe, Platinel, Au/Pt
    Resistance thermometers: Pt100, old Pt100, JPt100, Pt50, Pt-Co
    Accuracy rating  
    Measuring interval 1 second/6 points, 2 seconds/12 points, 2 seconds/24 points
    Input resolution About 1/40,000 or better (converted to reference range)
    Reference junction compensation accuracy At ambient temperature:23℃±10℃
    K, E, J, T, N Platinel---±0.5℃ or EMF 20μV, whichever greater
    Other than above---±1.0℃ or EMF 40μV, whichever greater
    Burnout Burnout detection function for thermocouple input and RTD input. Upper burnout, lower burnout or burnout disabled is selectable for each input.
    Maximum common mode voltage 30V AC/60V DC
    Common mode rejection ratio 130dB or more (50/60Hz)
    Normal mode rejection ratio 50dB or more (50/60Hz)
    Terminal board Removable when wiring
    Analog display LCD bar graph 180mm
    Digital display Monographic type LCD (Backlight AUTO / Always ON settable) Dots : 264 x 48 dots Display area : 184 x 22mm
    Display item All channels simultaneous display, year/month/day, hour/minute, alarm activate channel, chart speed display of measuring value.
    Status display REC, CARD, ALM
    Alarm display Status display "ALM" flash, measuring value flash at operation screen
    Alarm types Absolute alarm, differential alarm, rate-ofchange alarm, FAIL, calendar timer, chart end
    Alarm settings Individual settings, Max 4 levels/channel
    Alarm output Mechanical relay 2, 6, 12, 24 points ('a' contact)
    Mechanical relay 4, 8, 16 points (‘c’ contact)
    CE marking EN61326-1
    *Under EMC test condition, variation in indication value is ±20% or ±2mV at maximum, whichever is larger.
    UL UL61010-1 2nd edition
    CSA (C-UL) CAN/CSA C22.2 No.61010-1-04
    Protection IEC 60529 IP54
    Dotting interval 5 seconds/point, 2.5 seconds/point
    Interlock to chart speed
    Recording method Wire-dot type 6-color ribbon
    Record/Printed color  
    Chart paper Fan-fold type
    Total width 200mm, total length 20m, effective chart width 180mm
    Chart speed 1 to 1500mm / h, in 1mm/h increments (12.5mm / h can be set exceptionally)
    Periodic data printing Digital printing is added to trace printing at month / day, time, channel no., data, unit Interval (hour/time) arbitrary setting
    Data printing When required, interrupt trace printing and digital print time and measuring value
    Alarm printing Alarm activated --- Time, channel no., alarm type and level
    Alarm reset --- Time, channel no., alarm level Memory capacity --- Max. 48 data
    List printing When required, interrupt trace printing and print date, chart speed and setting information of each channel
    Message printing Print when required Up to 15 characters/message, register up to 20 characters
    ON/OFF of display and recording Select ON / OFF of display per each channel, trace recording to chart, digital recording to chart, recording to SD card
    Subtract printing Record difference between reference channel and measuring value or between reference value (set value) and measuring value
    Zone printing 2 / 3 / 4 divisions
    Compressed/Expanded printing Range limit is made non-linear and specific chart recording lower/upper limit is shrunk or expanded
    Automatic range shift printing Recording range is shifted automatically to another set range when measured value exceeds the current range. Overlap function available
    Skip function No display or printing of channels of which ranges are not set
    Rated power voltage 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
    Maximum power consumption Max 65VA
    100V AC balanced: 22VA
    240V AC balanced: 31VA
    Normal operation condition Ambient temperature range: 0 to 50ºC (20 to 65%)
    Ambient humidity range: 20 to 80%RH (5 to 40ºC)
    Power voltage:90 to 264V AC
    Power frequency:50/60Hz ±2%
    Attitude: forward tilting 0º, backward tilting 0 to 30º, left/right 0 to 10º
    Case material Door --- Aluminum die-casting
    Front panel --- Glass
    Case --- Cold-rolled steel plate
    Case color Door--- Black (equivalent of Munsell N3.0)
    Glass--- Clear and colorless
    Case --- Gray (equivalent of Munsell N7.0)
    Mounting Panel mounting
    Weight About 7.6kg
    Terminal screw Power terminal, Protective conductor terminal --- M4.0
    Measuring input terminal, alarm output terminal
    Remote contact terminal --- M3.5
    Communication terminal --- M3.0
    Remote contact By external relay contact signal (digital contact: short or open), you can select chart speed or data printing
    Input points: 5 points, 10 points, 20 points
    Input signal: Digital contact signal or open collector signal
    Exterior output: 5V DC/2mA
    Function: 1. Record start/stop
    2. Chart speed 3-speed switch
    3. Data printing
    4. List printing
    5. Message printing
    6. Operation record (Record ON/OFF condition to the designate location by bar line)
    7. Integration/F value reset
    8. Memory card (record start/stop)
    9. Alarm output rest
    10.Time correction
    Alarm output Mechanical relay ('a' contact) 2 points, 6 points, 12 points, 24 points
    Max. load 100 to 240VAC 0.2A 30V DC 0.2A
    Min. load 5V DC 10mA
    Mechanical relay ('c' contact) 4 points, 8 points, 16 points
    Max. load 100 to 240VAC 0.2A 30V DC 0.2A
    Min. load 5V DC 10mA
    Communication interface RS232C, RS422A, RS485, Ethernet
    PS Sheet Multi-Point PSE-368-US Download
    Instruction Manual Multi-Point INE-851B Download
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