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KR5000 Series Ubiquitous Recorders
KR series is a network-compatible recorder. It can records a maximum of 128 channels of field measurement data. KR monitors the loaded data through web browser window of any personal computer which connected to an intranet of internet. Moreover, KR Transfers the loaded data by FTP or E-mail without any special software. KR is usefully for the far-flung remote monitor system. KR5000 Series
TabView Example - Basic From Existing Markup
    Recording screen designed in the html form, So any personal computer can read-out the loaded data without special application software.
    Vertical/horizontal trend graph, data, bar-graph, alarm display, etc., are enhancement. Screen can be partition to 8 in one group display.
    Automatically transmit (FTP client) the data file to server.
    E-mail reports at the time of alarm generating an the abnormalities in apparatus.
    Model Instrument interface
    KR5100-000 MODBUS-SE3000, AH3000/AL3000, LT series
    Input Specifications
    Input point A maximum of registered data (128 points)
    Input interval 1 second / All points
    Group register Group name, connected instruments number, tag name, unit, input operate (moving average, arithmetic expression)
    * 16 channels are connectable per one group.
    * A maximum of 8 groups can be registered.
    Web Display Specifications
    Trend display Real-time or historical trend display.
    - Selectable from horizontal and vertical scroll
    - Get ready a graph green for each registered group
    - Manual/auto-scale and logarithmic scale (Up to 8 scales can be used simultaneously.)
    - Input of desired comments message (32 colors are selectable for each group)Historical trend display: specified time section display, message, alarm-jump/scrollbar operate/readout, stored files, change time-scale, etc.
    Bar graph Selectable from horizontal and vertical scroll
    - Get ready a graph green for each registered group
    - Color and scale are common to trend display.
    Data display Data value display and alarm status (the color is selectable)
    - Get ready a graph green for each registered group.
    - Indicating color is common to trend display.
    Screen partition display Screen partition to a maximum of 8 inputs of desired comments message.
    Overview display Display measuring data, Alarm status (Renew each 10 sec.)
    Information display Alarm, message, file list, etc.
    Setting screen Ethernet; FTP; E-mail; Users ID; Input device; Time of day.
    Recording Function
    Internal memory 128MB
    Record method Continuous record, start/stop operate, event record, external trigger, start/stop timing.
    Recording intervals More than 1 second
    Number of loading file Select 128 recording points ... 31 files
    Select 64 recording points ... 63 files
    Select 32 recording points ... 127 files
    Select 16 recording points ... 255 files
    * 7284 data or channels can be stored to 1 file
    Data file form Binary
    Alarm memory 200 events. Stored in CSV file.
    Alarm Specifications
    Alarm set A maximum of 4 alarms can be set per channel.
    Alarm type Higher limit, lower limit, variation higher limit, variation lower limit, device-identified alarm, abnormal data.
    Alarm output Relay output: 2 points, or pointed channel.
    Delay function Setup of alarm delay, 1 to 3600 sec.
    Alarm memory 200 events. Stored in CSV file.
    Computation Specifications
    Computation types Arithmetic operation:Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, remainder power
    Comparison operation: Equality, inequality, more, less
    General function: Raise fractions, omit fractions, absolute value, square root, exponent of e, natural logarithms, common logarithms
    Statistics operation: Sum or average for data and channel
    Integration operation: Analog integration, pulse integration
    General Specifications
    Rated supply voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (free power supply)
    Input period Longer than 1 second
    Power consumption 27VA max
    Normal operating condition Ambient temp/humidity range: 0-50°C, 20-80%RH
    Supply voltage: 90-264V AC
    Supply frequency: 50/60Hz ±2%
    Power failure countermeasures Setups are backed up by an EEPROM
    Data backups by flash memory.A lithium battery backup the clock and data RAM for 3 years or more (assuming 8 hours of operation per day)
    Mounting DIN rail mounting
    Weight About 850g
    Communication Functions (Network)
    Communication type Ethernet (10Base-TX or 100Base-T)
    FTP client Auto transfer of recording data files to FTP server
    * Registration: Server's IP address, password, data path name.
    Transfer pointed data Recorded data file can be transferred for user's order.
    Web-server Conform to HTTP1.0
    Display the alarm, information of maintenance by browser software (Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Netscape 6.0 or later, Opera 7 or later)
    * Registration: User's ID, password, mail account
    E-mail E-mail will be sent concurrently to max.20 addresses when alarm occurred, or instrument be turned on, or be fixed time.
    The message text in E-mail will be 10-template. Sent at an alarm output, setup and specified time of day.
    Serial communication RS-232C (for support)
    * 9600bps, 8bit, stop bit 1, no parity.
    Instrument interface
    Instrument interface MODBUS
    Communication: RS-485
    Read out: Data, alarm
    Transmission: Setting data
    Connectable instruments : SE3000, AL3000, AH3000, LT230, LT350, LT370, LT450, LT470
    Bar-Graph Display
    Bar-Graph Display
    Screen Partition
    Screen Partition
    Alarm Display
    Alarm Display
    Real-Time Trend Display
    Real-Time Trend Display
    Setting for Trend Graph
    Setting for Trend Graph
    Set the User-ID and Password
    Set the User-ID and Password
    Set E-mail Address
    Set E-mail Address
    PS Sheet KR5000 PSE-347 Download
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