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LE5000 Series Intelligent Recorders
LE5000 series are 250mm hybrid recorders with multi-range input. Innovative design high performance recorder provides high accuracy, ±0.05%; high speed scanning, 0.1second for 36 points and high speed recording, 1 line in 3 seconds. Simple operational keys and PC setting functions drastically improved usability of recording system. LE5000 Series
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    High speed scanning at 36 points/sec and high-speed recording
    Rapid changes of process data such as lab test results can be scanned simultaneously at 36 points/sec and recorded at about 1 line/ 3 sec. Data for each channel is displayed in 10 different colors which is user selectable.
    High accuracy of 0.05%
    The accuracy is ±0.05% and the resolution is 1μV or 0.1°C
    Various industrial values can be measured at the same time with selectable ranges
    With 35 thermocouple ranges and 8 DC voltage ranges, a total of 43 input ranges are provided which enables universal input and optional mixed input: current inputs are also possible.
    Superior ease of operation
    Operation keys are functionally designed for ease of use.
    Engineering port is provided (USB)
    A personal computer can be used as an engineering tool and parameter setting and data collecting is available.
    Anti-noise countermeasures
    High effective anti-noise countermeasures are taken; suppressive induced noise by 130 dB or more in the common mode while 50dB or more is achieved in the series mode. Effective countermeasures are taken against impulse noise.
    Communication interfaces are available (Option)
    RS-422A, RS-485 and Ethernet can be provided to meet various customers' needs.
    Recording and calculation of data communication input (Option)
    Data input by communications from a host can be recorded as analog and digital values at the same time with measuring data. Mathematical process of the data communications input from a host can be processed in parallel.
    12 points 24 points 36 points Remarks
    LE5110-NNN LE5120-NNN LE5130-NNN Accessories
    Alarm (option)
    12 points 24 points 36 points Remarks
    LE511☐-NNN LE512☐-NNN LE513☐-NNN Accessories
    ☐: N: None
    1: 12 points
    2: 24 points
    3: 36 points
    Communication interface/contact output (option)
    12 points 24 points 36 points Remarks
    LE5110-☐NN LE5120-☐NN LE5130-☐NN Accessories
    ☐: N: None
    1: Ethernet + 1a contact output (Mechanical relay)
    External drive/Chart speed change (option)
    12 points 24 points 36 points Remarks
    LE5110-N☐N LE5120-N☐N LE5130-N☐N Accessories
    ☐: N: None
    1: 1: Provided
    Input Specifications
    Measuring points: 12, 24 and 36 points
    Input: Multi-channel data range
    DC voltage --- ±10mV, ±20mV, ±40mV, ±80mV, ±1.25V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10V DC current --- Shunt resistor (100Ω, 250Ω) needs to be mounted externally Thermocouple --- B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, PtRh40-PtRh20, NiMo-Ni,WRe5 – WRe26, W-WRe26, Platinel II, U, L
    Resistance thermometer --- Pt 100, JPt 100
    Range setting: Input type and range are set with front keys
    Scale setting: The minimum and maximum values and unit are set for each point with front keys Setting range -30000 to 30000
    Decimal points Optional setting
    Indication accuracy: Refer to items of measuring ranges, accuracy rating and display resolutions
    Temperature drift: 0.1% FS/ 10°C
    Measuring period: 0.1 sec/ channel
    Reference junction compensation accuracy: K, E, J, T, N, Platinel II --- ±0.5°C or less (0℃°C or more when measuring) R, S, WRe5-WRe26, NiMo-Ni, U, L --- ±1.0°C or less (Only when the ambient temperature is 23°C±5°C)
    Input resolution: Approx. 1/40000 (Standard range conversion)
    Burnout: Select with/ without burnout for each input
    Allowable signal source resistance: Thermocouple inputs, DC voltage input (10mV) --- 500Ω or less (without burnout) DC Voltage input (except 10mV) --- 100Ω or less Resistance thermometer inputs --- 10Ω or less/ line Three lines are common, Pt100, JPt100
    Input resistance: Thermocouple input, DC voltage input --- approx.1MΩ
    Maximum input applied voltage: ±20V DC
    Input correction: Zero/span correction and shift correction for each channel
    Maximum common mode voltage: 30V AC (support LVD) *250V AC at evaluation
    Common mode rejection ratio: 130dB
    Series mode rejection ratio: 50dB (Only when the peak value of noise is below standard range.)
    Terminal board: Detachable type, removable for wire connection
    Recording Specifications
    Recording system: Raster scan system, 10-color wire dot printing
    Recording and recording color: Analog recording --- color can be specified for each channel as required. 10 colors (red, purple-red, orange, brown, green, yellow-green, blue-green, purple, purple-blue, black) Digital recording and logging recording - Black Message printing --- Black List printing --- Black
    Chart paper: Fan-fold type, Overall width 318 mm, total length 20m; Effective recording width 250mm (analog recording)
    Chart speed: 1 to 1500mm/H (in 1mm/H steps)
    Skip function: Analog recording, digital recording and digital display can be set independently from recording slip.
    Recording compensation: Independent setting of zero spans are available.
    Display Specifications
    Digital display: Color LCD panel RGB (640 x 240 dot) Display size W149.8 x H57.4 mm
    Setting display: Common to digital display
    Display contents: Digital display
    Channel display ( One-point/ multiple points continuous/sequential indication change) Display measuring value of each channel ( One-point/ multiple points continuous/sequential indication change) Clock display (Hour/Minute/Second/Tag/Unit) Chart speed display
    Status display: RECORD ON ( lights during recording) LED KEY LOCK ( lights during key lock) ALARM ( lights during alarm activated) LED CHART END ( lights just before record ending) FAIL ( lights during unit abnormal time) * Sharing LED and setting display
    Alarm Specifications
    Alarm display: Occurrence CH No., data is displayed in red when alarm occurs
    Alarm types: High limit, low limit
    Alarm setting method: Individual setting for each point four levels/ channels
    Alarm output:
    See option specification
    General Specifications
    Rated power voltage: 100 to 240V AC (universal power supply) 50/60Hz
    Maximum power consumption: 100V A
    Reference operating condition: Ambient temperature/ humidity range: 21 to 25 °C, 45 to 65%RH Power voltage: 90 to 264V Power frequency: 50/60Hz ±2% Attitude: Forward/ Backward/ Left/ Right within 3° Warm-up time: 1 hour or longer
    Normal operating condition: Ambient temperature/humidity range 0 to 40°C, 20 to 80% RH Power voltage: 90 to 264V Power frequency: 50/60Hz ±2% Attitude: Forward/ Backward/ Left/ Right within 3°
    Transportation condition: At the packed condition on shipment from our factory Ambient temperature/ humidity range: -20 to 60 °C, 5 to 90%RH (No dew condensation) Vibration: 10 to 60 Hz, 4.9m/ S2(0.5G or less) Impact: 392m/S2 (Approx. 40G or less)
    Storage condition: Ambient temperature -20 to 60 °C, 5 to 90%RH (No dew condensation)
    Working condition: Working temperature range 0 to 40 °C
    Power failure protection: Programmed parameters stored into EEPROM memory Clock circuit sustained for 5 years or longer by a lithium battery (at the operation of 8 hours or longer per day)
    Insulation resistance: Between primary terminals and protective conductor terminals --- 20MΩ or more at 500V DC Between secondary terminals and protective conductor terminals --- 20MΩ or more at 500V DC Between primary terminals and secondary terminals --- 20MΩ or more at 500V DC
    Dielectric strength: Between primary terminals and protective conductor terminals --- 1 minute at 1500V AC Between secondary terminals and protective conductor terminals --- 1 minute at 500V AC Between primary terminals and secondary terminals --- 1 minute at 1500V AC Note 1: Primary terminals: power terminal, alarm output terminal, output relay terminal Secondary terminals: measuring input terminal, communication terminal, external drive terminal Note 2: When testing insulation resistance and dielectric strength, please short-circuit every terminals of primary and secondary terminals before the test. Test without short-circuiting terminals can damage instruments.
    Case assembly material: Door (frame) --- ABS resin, Front panel --- Soda glass, Back case --- Normal steel
    Color: Door(frame) --- White (Equivalent to DIC546 1/2), Front panel --- Transparent, Back case --- White (Equivalent to DIC546 1/2)
    Mounting: Panel mounting
    Weight: About 15kg (Full option)
    Dimensions, panel cut: W400 x H260 x D300 mm (Dimensions) 388 x 248mm (Panel cut)
    Terminal screws: Measuring input, alram terminals --- M3.5 Power, protective conductor terminal, external drive terminal, communication terminal --- M4
    Chart paper illumination: White LED
    Optional Specifications
    External drive Chart 3- speed, chart stop, data printing, list printing, message printing 5 types, operation recording
    Alarm output Mechanical relay ---- 12, 24, 36 points output, max contact capacity of 100 to 240V AC, 3A resistance load
    Communication interface RS-422A or RS-485 + Ethernet + 1a contact output (1a contact output is contact output of mecha relay
    Chart end output CHART END relay output when chart paper ended (communication interface is required)
    FAIL output FAIL relay output when abnormality ( communication interface is required)
    Receiving resistance for current input 250Ω( for 20mA) or 100Ω(for 50mA) are externally mounted to measure current
    Communication interface specification
    Ethernet (Option) Specification Ethernet10BASE-T/ 100BASE-T, automated recognition, TCP, IP, HTTP, exclusive protocol.
    Function Data display, parameter setting, with browser Data display, parameter setting on exclusive application.
    RS-422ARS-485 (Option) Specification RS-422A, RS-485, Communication protocol: MODBUS Communication specification: 9600 bps to 19200 bps 7E1 to 8N2
    Function Data display and parameter setting using exclusive application.
    USB Specification Data display and parameter setting using exclusive application
    Function Parameter setting for exclusive application
    PS Sheet LE5000 PSE-352A Download
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