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MR2041 Series Handy Logger
Handy logger MR2041 is a palm size data logger, it capable to store up to 10000 data per each channel. Power supply of logger is selectable from AA battery or AC adaptor, so it is usable as a portable type logger or fixing type logger.
Using the exclusive software, recording/recalling of data and programming of logging parameters can be executed with logger or through a personal computer.
MR2041 Series
TabView Example - Basic From Existing Markup
    Input signals: K, E, J, T, 0 to 5V and 0 to 20mA
    Simultaneous 4 channels, measurement and display.
    High/low alarms for each channel.
    Computation: maximum / minimum / average.
    Logging method: log mode and tag mode.
    Data processable through a personal computer.
    IP64 protection.
    AA batteries power supply.
    Measuring range Thermocouple K : -200.0 to 1370.0°C
    E : -200.0 to 700.0°C
    J : -200.0 to 700.0°C
    T : -200.0 to 400.0°C
    DC voltage 0 to 5V (scale -9999 to 9999)
    DC current 0 to 20mA (scale -9999 to 9999)
    Accuracy rating Thermocouple 100°C or more : ( ±0.1% of measuring value+ 0.3°C)
    100°C or less : ( ±0.1% of measuring value +0.6°C)
    DC voltage ( ±0.1% of measuring value+ 0.2%of range)
    Reference junction compensation accuracy ±0.4°C (at ambient temperature: 15°C to 35°C)
    ±0.7°C (at ambient temp.: -10°C to 15°C, 35°C to 50°C)
    Temperature drift ±0.01%/°C of measuring range
    Allowable signal source resistance 100Ω (burnout over upper limit)
    Input resistance DC voltage inputs --- over 1MΩ
    Withstand voltage between channels 400V AC
    Measuring cycle 1 second / 4 channels
    Logging interval 1 second to 30 seconds (1 second step)
    1 minute to 24hours (1 minute step)
    Logging data Log-mode : 10000 data/channel
    Tag-mode : 5500 data/channel
    Display Liquid crystal display with backlight
    Dot-matrix 128 x 64 dot (view area 41 x 29mm)
    Operation key 18-key including numeric key
    Logging method Log-mode : Logging data per a cycle (20 points) in log-area
    Tag-mode : Logging data (20 points) then press the trigger in tag-area
    Display contents Measured value, alarm, maximum / minimum/average value, computation value, etc.
    Other functions Clock (year, month, day/hour, minute, second), Auto power-off, reading correction, backlight, buzzer, residual battery, residual memory, alarm, calculation, key lock, etc.
    Communications RS232C
    Power supply 4 x AA batteries or AC adaptor (100 to 240VAC)
    Battery life 5 years or longer (at 25°C)
    Ext. dimensions 70 (W) x 159 (H) x 37 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
    Weight Approx. 300g including batteries
    Casing material Nylon ABS (antibacterial)
    Ambient temp. -10 to 50°C
    Ambient Humidity 10 to 80%RH (no due condensation)
    CE approval EN-61326, Class B (battery operation)
    Protection IP64 (when operated with water-proof connector)
    Accessories 4 x AA batteries, wall-mount holder
    PS Sheet MR2041 PSE-483 Download
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