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KR3S Series Graphic Recorder
KR3S series are network compatible advanced paperless Graphic Recorder with high performance and high operating function along with high visibility 10.4" TFT color LCD touch-screen display. Universal input with high speed of sampling rate 1sec. and high accuracy rating of ±0.1% realized. Measured data is stored into memory and supported up to 8GB through USB and CF card. As it can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers on intranet or internet, FTP transfer of data file and E-mail notification are also available. KR3S
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    Adopting clear 10.4" TFT color LCD display
    High visibility display with various display functions. Real time/historical trend screen, bar-graph screen and numeric display are selectable for various applications.
    Large capacity of data memory and various recording method.
    USB slot and CF card is equipped as standard memory provided 2GB and optionally expandable up to 8 GB. Various data storing methods are selectable such as schedule programming by time of day and time of date, recording start-up by external signal, and event and data logging of before and after trigger points for alarm.
    Multi points stable recording with high speed/accuracy
    High-speed recording of approximately 1sec. for every points and high accuracy of ±0.1% are realized. Stable measuring and recording are possible with high speed. Withstand voltage between input channels is as high as 1000V AC (Excluding resistance thermometer input).
    Easy operating and programming without manual
    With touch screen display, operation and settings can be performed easily by touching buttons on the display.
    Direct writing on the screen
    With attached touch pen, various comments can be written on the screen.
    Extend inputs with CHINO controllers
    KR3S can communicate with up to 16 CHINO controllers for parameter settings and read/record of measuring values through low-order communications (Option).
    USB port provided in front
    Readout of data and files are possible by connecting through an USB memory stick for PC
    Support LAN network (Option)
    Through Ethernet communications (Option), various functions such as remote monitoring by a browser, and FTP server, and Email notification etc. are supported.
    Analyzing/data acquisition application software (Option)
    It is easy to replay and edit the recorded data file with the software. Replay display has various mode of vertical/horizontal trend, circular trend and also has wave-analyzing and marking by using the cursor.
    Custom graphic screen for per each applications (NEW)
    By using optional custom graphic screen function, it can display the graphic screen which the user created by PC software KR Screen Designer (optional). Create letters, rectangle, oval, line, etc by drawing tool and allocate KR measuring data while making the background by JPEG or other images. By lower communication, controller SV, MV, PID can also be changed. Register up to 5 screens and its screens are switchable.
    Input type Measuring range Reference range Accuracy ratings Display resolution
    DC Voltage mV -13.8 to 13.8mV
    -27.6 to 27.6mV
    -69.0 to 69.0mV
    -200 to 200mV
    -500 to 500mV
    V -2 to 2V
    -5 to 5V
    -10 to 10V
    -20 to 20V
    -50 to 50V
    ± 2V
    ± 5V
    ± 10V
    ± 20V
    ± 50V
    Thermocouple K -200 to 300ºC
    -200 to 600ºC
    -200 to 1370ºC
    E -200 to 200ºC
    -200 to 350ºC
    -200 to 900ºC
    J -200 to 250ºC
    -200 to 500ºC
    -200 to 1200ºC
    T -200 to 250ºC
    -200 to 400ºC
    R 0 to 1200ºC
    0 to 1760ºC
    S 0 to 1300ºC
    0 to 1760ºC
    B 0 to 1820ºC ±13.8mV 1ºC
    N -200 to 400ºC
    -200 to 750ºC
    -200 to 1300ºC
    W-WRe26 0 to 2315ºC ±69.0mV ±0.2%
    WRe5-WRe26 0 to 2315ºC ±69.0mV 1ºC
    PtRh40-PtRh20 0 to 1880ºC ±13.8mV 1ºC
    NiMo-Ni -50 to 290ºC
    -50 to 600ºC
    -50 to 1310ºC
    CR-AuFe 0 to 280 K ±13.8mV 0.1ºC
    Platinel II 0 to 350ºC
    0 to 650ºC
    0 to 1395ºC
    U -200 to 250ºC
    -200 to 500ºC
    -200 to 600ºC
    L -200 to 250ºC
    -200 to 500ºC
    -200 to 900ºC
    K,E,J,T,R,S,B,N:IEC584,JIS C1602-1995
    W-WRe26, WRe5-WRe26, PtRh40-PtRh20, NiMo-Ni, Cr-AuFe, Platinel II:ASTM
    RTD Pt100 -140 to 150ºC
    -200 to 300ºC
    -200 to 850ºC
    JPt100 -140 to 150ºC
    -200 to 300ºC
    -200 to 649ºC
    Pt50 -200 to 649.0ºC 220Ω ±0.1%
    Pt-Co 4.0 to 374.0 K 220Ω ±0.15%
    Pt100:IEC751(1995),JIS C1604-1997
    JPt100:JIS C1604-1981, JIS C1606-1989
    Pt50: JIS C1604-1981
    Input Specifications
    Measuring points: 12 points, 24 points, 36 points, 48 points
    Input types: Universal
    DC voltage --- ±13.8mV, ±27.6mV, ±69.0mV, ±200mV, ±500mV, ±2V, ±5V*, ±10V*, ±20V*, ±50V*, (*with built-in voltage divider)
    DC current --- With external shunt resistor (sold separately)
    Thermocouple --- B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, PtRh40-PtRh20, W-WRe26, WRe5-WRe26, PlatinelⅡ, NiMo- Ni,CR-AuFe, U, L
    Resistance thermometer --- Pt100, JPt100, Pt50, Pt-Co
    Accuracy ratings: Refer to the table of measuring range and accuracy ratings
    Reference junction compensation accuracy: K, E, J, T, N, PlatinelⅡ--- ±0.5°C or less R, S, W-WRe26, WRe5-WRe26, NiMo-Ni, CR-AuFe,U, L --- ±1.0°C or less
    Sampling rate: Approximately 1sec./ 48 points
    Burnout: Disconnection of input signal is detected on thermocouple and resistance thermometer input. UP/DOWN/DISABLE is selectable.
    Scaling: Range/scale is selectable.
    Digital filter: Programming FIR filter for each point (common to all points)
    Allowable signal source resistance: Thermocouple input (burnout disabled)/
    DC voltage input (±2V or less) ---1kΩ or less
    DC voltage input (±5V or more) ---100Ω or less
    Resistance thermometer --- 10Ω or less per wire (same resistance for 3 wires should be the same)
    Input resistance: DC voltage, thermocouple input --- Approximately 1 MΩ
    Maximum input voltage: DC voltage input (±2V or less)
    Thermocouple DC voltage input (burnout disabled) --- ±10VDC
    DC voltage input (±5V to ±50V) --- ±60VDC
    Dielectric strength between channels: 1000V AC or more between each channel (High strength semiconductor relay used)
    (B terminal of resistance thermometer is shorted inside between channels)
    Common mode rejection ratio: 120dB or more
    Series mode rejection ratio: 50dB or more
    Recording Specifications
    Internal memory: 8MB
    Additional memory: CF card (Up to 8GB)
    256MB standard attached, Apacer Technology made recommended
    USB memory stick (Up to 8GB)
    Not all USB memory stick allowable
    External memory: CF card (capacity: 32MB to 2GB) 128MB CF card is included as standard.
    Recording cycle: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30s
    1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60min
    Logging data: Measured data --- File name (group name), time of day, month and year of recording start, tag, measured data, alarm status/types and marker text
    Setting parameter --- All parameters Operation result data Setting parameter
    Storing types: Binary/CSV selectable
    Storing methods: Manual start/stop (dedicated touch key operation)
    Schedule (designation for time of day and date)
    Trigger signal (alarm event, digital input)
    Data recording of before and after trigger
    *Pre-trigger is selectable.
    Measuring numbers of pre-trigger --- Maximum 950 data
    Recording group: Up to 6 groups of 56 points can be programmed
    (Up to total of 128 points)
    Computation Specifications
    Computation points: Up to 128 points
    Computation cycle: 100ms/ all every points
    Computation types: Arithmetic operations
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, remainder, exponential
    Comparison operations
    Equality, inequality, great, less, equality/great, equality/less
    Logical operations
    General functions
    Round-up, round-down, absolute value, square root, exponent of e, natural logarithm, common logarithm
    Integration operations
    Analog integration, digital integration
    Channel data operations
    Measured data computation,
    Dew point, relative humidity, F-value Remaining capacity of CF card moving average Wind direction (displays16 directions)
    Alarm Specifications
    Setups: Up to 4 alarms can be programmed per channel
    Alarm types: Upper limit, lower limit, differential upper limit, differential lower limit (deadband is selectable), abnormal data
    Delay function: Setup range of alarm delay --- 1 to 3600 seconds
    Alarm settings: AND/OR selectable
    Alarm outputs: Refer to optional specifications
    Display Specifications
    Display: 10.4"VGA TFT color LCD (640 x480 dots)
    Display types: Measured data display (Trend screen, Data screen, Bar-graph screen)
    Historical trend display (simultaneous display with Real-time trend is available)
    Information display (alarm display, marker list, file list)
    Setting screen (alarm, computation, memory, system, maintenance, communication, etc.)
    Trend screen: 48 colors selectable
    Display screen group--- Up to 6 groups
    Display points --- Up to 56 points/group
    Time axis direction --- Vertical, horizontal or circular
    Line width --- selectable from 5 kinds
    Scale display --- 4 scales
    Tag/data display --- Show/hide selectable
    Marker display
    Numeric Data Display: Display group--- Up to 6 groups
    Display points --- Maximum 56 points/group
    Display contents --- Measured value, channel/tag, unit, alarm status
    Data screen: Display screen --- 5 screens (5 groups)
    Display points --- Maximum 44 points/screen
    Display contents --- Measured value, channel/tag, unit, alarm status
    Bargraph screen: 48 colors selectable
    Display screen group --- Up to 5 groups
    Display points --- Maximum 56 points/group
    Display direction --- Vertical or horizontal
    Scale display --- 1 scale
    Information display: Alarm display (alarm activation/released history display)
    Marker list
    File list (file list display of group data file)
    Unit information (Model, serial no, option, etc.)
    LCD back light: Auto/manual OFF function
    Brightness --- 4 levels adjustment
    *The LCD display may contain some pixels that always or never illuminate, and the brightness of some areas of the display may appear uneven. There are typical LCD performance characteristics and do not constitute malfunctions.
    Communication Functions
    Network Communications type: Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
    FTP server: Data file can be read from the network computer
    FTP client: Transfer a data file to a network server
    SNTP client: The time can be synchronized to the time of SNTP server
    Web server: Conformed to HTTP1.0 --- Displays screens, the alarm and information of maintenance by browser software (Internet Explorer 5.0 or later)
    * User's ID and password registration available
    E-Mail: E-Mail notification at specified time for alarm activation
    Report data at specified time is selectable from all registered data
    Notification address --- Maximum 8
    USB Communications Communication type --- USB1.1
    Transfer systems --- Bulk transfer, control transfer
    File transfer by connecting as removable disk drive
    Option Specifications
    Alarm output Mechanical relay (c contact) output for alarm activation and input error.
    Output point: 4 or 2 points
    Contact capacity: resistive load 3A, inductive load 1.5A
    Digital input (Non-voltage contact input/ 4 or 2 points) ON/OFF signal: ON/OFF input recording
    Pulse input: Maximum 10Hz pulse input. Used for flow rate, operation time and frequency
    External drive: The following operations are available
    (selectable by parameter)
    . Data memory triggering
    . Marker display
    . Integrated calculation reset
    Communication interface High and low-order communication
    Communications interface for high and low-order unit
    RS485 (MODBUS)
    Choose one function from the following 3 functions.
    . Communication interface for high-order unit
    . Recording input data of CHINO products
    connected to a low-order unit and data in
    PLC register.
    Display and record parameter setting,
    measured value, setting value, etc. of up to
    16 CHINO controllers.
    Recording points:
    12-channel specification --- 108 points
    24-channel specification --- 96 points
    36-channel specification --- 84 points
    48-channel specification --- 72 points
    Connectable models: KE, KR2S, KR3S, KR2000, KR3000, LE5000, AL3000, AL4000, AH3000, AH4000, DB1000, 2000, LT230, 830, 350, 370, 450, 470, KP1000, KP2000, DP-G
    (data collection only) JU, JW, SE3000
    . Transfer input data of KR3S to PLC.
    The input data can be written on PLC only.
    Data writing points: 44 points
    Connectable PLC: Mitsubishi Electric
    MELSEC AnA, QnA,
    QnAS, FX series
    OMRON Corporation
    SYSMAC series
    Note) Separate purchase of protocol converter
    SC8-10 (optional) is required for
    connection to OMRON PLC.
    Custom Graphic Screen By KR Screen Designer (optional), create graphic screen by PC and display to KR screen via CF card. KR measuring value can be located to the screen.
    Others Handle and rubber feet
    Programming/Operation Specifications
    HOME settings: Simple recording settings --- Common input to all channels
    Parameter programming for all channels together, recording cycle, selection settings
    MENU settings: Input/computation programming --- Input parameter, computation parameter
    DISP settings --- Data channel parameter, group parameter, common parameter (combination display, trend vertical/horizontal)
    Alarm settingsFile settings (5 individual files) --- Storing method settings Marker text settings
    System settings --- Communication, clock, maintenance, key lock, password, screen, etc.
    DISP operations: Operating screen selection --- Trend, data, bar-graph, historical trend, alarm display, maker list
    Display selection on each screen --- Group 1 to 5 selectable
    General Specifications
    Rated power voltage: 100 to 240V AC (universal power supply) 50/60Hz
    Maximum power consumption: 60VA
    Reference operating condition: Ambient temperature --- 21 to 25°C
    Ambient humidity --- 45 to 65%RH
    Power voltage --- 100V AC±1.0%
    Power frequency --- 50/60Hz±0.5%
    Attitude --- Left/right, forward 0°, backward 0°
    Warm-up time --- Longer than 30 minutes
    Normal operating condition: Ambient temperature --- 0 to 50°C
    Ambient humidity --- 20 to 80%RH
    Power voltage --- 90 to 264V
    AC Power frequency --- 50/60HZ ±2%
    Attitude --- Left/right, forward 0°, backward 0° to 20°
    Transportation condition (at the packed condition on shipment from our factory):
    Ambient temperature/humidity range --- -20 to 60°C, 5 to 90%RH
    (Note; No dew condensation)
    Vibration --- 10 to 60Hz 0.5G (4.9m/S2) or less
    Impact --- 40G (392m/ S2) or less
    Storage condition: Ambient temperature --- -20 to 60°C
    Ambient humidity --- 5 to 90%RH (No dew condensation)
    Power failure protection: Flash memory stores the settings and the data.
    Lithium battery backs up the clock and parameter RAM for more than 5 years (provided that the daily operating hours is longer than 8 hours).
    Insulation resistance:

    Secondary terminals and protective conductor terminals ---20MΩ or more at 500V DC
    Primary terminals and protective conductor terminals ---20MΩ or more at 500V DC
    Primary and secondary terminals --- 20MΩ or more at 500V DC
    Primary terminals: power terminals (L, N), alarm output terminals Secondary terminals: measuring input terminals, digital input terminals, communications terminals

    Dielectric strength: Secondary terminals and protective conductor terminals ---1 minute at 500V AC
    Primary terminals and protective conductor terminals ---1 minute at 1500V AC
    Primary and secondary terminals --- 1 minute at 2300V AC Primary terminals: power terminals (L, N), alarm output terminals Secondary terminals: measuring input terminals, digital input terminals, communication terminals
    Case assembly material: Front bezel --- Polycarbonate and ABS resin (frame)
    Case --- Steel
    Color: Front bezel --- Black (equivalent to Munsell N3.0)
    Case --- Gray (equivalent to Munsell N7.0)
    Weight: Approximately 5.6kg (at maximum)
    Mounting: Panel mounting
    Terminal screws: Power terminals/protective conductor terminals --- M4.0
    Measuring input terminals/alarm output terminals/digital input terminals --- M3.5
    Communications terminals --- M3.0
    Data screen Bar-graph screen Real-time trend screen Graphic screen
    Pen writing Circular trend screen 2-Zone screen Dural trend screen
    Historical trend screen Math function Various comm. function
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    KR3S Series Graphic Recorders
    Description Type Part Number Qty Price
    Current Resistor 250ohm All Type EZ-RX250 1 $10.00
    Current Resistor 100ohm All Type EZ-RX100 1 $30.00
    CF Card All Type   1 Call
    Card adapter All Type   1 Call
    PS Sheet KR3S Series PSE-812B Download
    Instruction Manual General INE-881D Download
    Instruction Manual Wiring/Installation INE-882D Download
    Instruction Manual Communication Interface INE-883B Download
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