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SE3000 Series Field Data Scanning Units
SE3000 series scanning units are designed for data logging with a personal computer. The basic unit with 6 input points can be connected to 7 sub units (6 input points / sub unit) and maximum 48 analog data can be collected. Two soft ware packages, "KIDS" for data logging and "PASS" for parameter programming, are available. SE3000 Series
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    Expanded type units can expand input points up to 48 points by connecting sub units (6-point input).
    Data can be easily collected by the data logging software package "KIDS" and the parameter programming software package "PASS". The "KIDS" can connect up to 5 sets of SE3000 and manage up to 100 channels.
    3 kinds of communications interfaces of RS-232C, RS-422A and are built-in.
    The communications protocol is MODBUS for easy system configuration.
    Universal input (32 kinds of DC voltage, thermocouples and resistance thermometers)
    Input is isolated between all channels.
    The unit can be used with BR series graphic recorder as an input extension unit (up to 24 points).
    CE conformance
    Base Unit
    Model Specification
    SE3100-000 Without display
    SE3101-000 With display
    Sub Unit
    Measuring point Base unit 6 points, sub unit 6-point/unit
    * Up to 7 sub units can be connected to 1 base unit (up to 48 points).
    Input kind Universal input: 10 DC voltage, 17 thermocouples, 5 resistance thermometers
    Accuracy rating ±0.1%± 1digit (for DC voltage and thermocouples)
    Measuring cycle 1 second (for 6 points) to 8 seconds (for 48 points)
    Burnout Sensor disconnection judgment function of thermocouples and resistance thermometer inputs is built-in. (Enable/disable selectable)
    Communications interface RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485 (switch selection)
    * MODBUS protocol
    Alarm Up to 4 alarms for each channel
    Alarm type High, low, differential high, differential low, rate-of-change increase, rate-of change decrease (no alarm output)
    Dimension Base unit H138 x W72 x D100mm
    Sub unit H138 x W36 x D100mm
    Mounting DIN (35mm) rail mounting
    Rated power voltage 100V to 240VAC 50/60Hz
    Display unit 7-segment red LED 7 digits
    Display content Channel number 2 digits, data 5 digits (channel forwarding/fixed)
    Display renewal cycle 3 seconds
    PS Sheet SE3000 PSE-300 Download
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